Welcome to malenamaja, a blog I created as a place to store my favorite recipes and kitchen experiments. “Malena” is a term of endearment in serbo-croatian meaning “little one” and has been one of my nicknames since childhood, as my own name is already too short – “malena voli da jede” or “the little one likes to eat” is a phrase I’ve heard a thousand times during dinner, usually as part of a joke. Suffice to say I’m a bit of glutton.  Usually, you can find me flipping through Bon Appetit,  planning my next meal, watching food network or cooking my stress out in the kitchen. My other great loves include academia and the French language, so if i’m not in the kitchen, I’m at school debating the validity of Le Deuxième Sexe or teaching angsty teens basic grammar .

Feel free to contact me at maja.staka@gmail.com for any inquiries, happy eating!


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