DIY lip scrub, inspired by nature. Also by brownies.


Have you ever walked into a store like Sephora or Lush and found yourself intrigued by an organic lip scrub? like say, Fresh sugar lip scrub for example, only to become significantly less intrigued once you look at the price? (22$?, I can buy groceries with that money! and tacos!). Here’s my solution, make your own! It won’t look exactly professional but it will do the trick. Best of all, homemade lip scrubs are entirely customizable. This is my favorite, it tastes and smells divine and is completely edible. No weird preservatives here! (looking at you Sephora…)

For about 1/4 cup’s worth (Put into either one container or several little ones, this could make a great gift!) all you need is:

2 tbsp, heaping, brown sugar

1 tbsp coconut oil

1 tbsp cocoa powder

1 tsp coffee grounds

Mix it all together and use away! see? easy!

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