Galette complète


  Translated literally, “galette complète” means Savory Crepe with everything on it, and by everything, the French mean ham, Gruyere & an egg. In the region of Bretagne, where these beauties originated, savory crepes are almost always made with buckwheat flour, making them both gluten free and oh so crispy when done on a flat-top! The dough is easy to make and you can fill the galettes with whatever you want. Here i served mine with just a little mache, ( arugula’s sweeter and more delicate cousin ) topped with balsamic and olive oil. Delicious, healthy and simple. 


250 grams buckwheat flour

2 eggs

500 ml Ice-cold water

40 g cooled melted butter or oil

How to:

  1. Beat all ingredients together in a small bowl, in no particular order and let rest for at least two hours (You can make them thin or thick, adding more or less liquid onto either a non-stick crepe pan, a flat-top or a traditional crepe stone). 
  2. Cook on high heat until bubbles start forming on the surface of the galettes. Add your toppings, fold the sides and flip!  Cook for another 30 seconds – 1 minute.
  3. Serve with a salad and a good glass of red wine.



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